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Overcome writer's block and fuel your creative process with AI-generated content and images in multiple languages.

Save Time & Effort

Automate content creation with plagiarism-free text, images, and code, accelerating your content production.

Versatile Content Creation

Access a wide range of capabilities from transcribing audio to generating code, making CopyOcean a versatile platform for writers, designers, developers, and agencies.

Stunning Royalty-Free Images

Generate visually appealing images with OpenAI's DALL-E and Stable Diffusion models, without worrying about royalties or copyright concerns.

Customizable Templates

Start with templates and customize content for unique results, ensuring brand-aligned and tailored content..

Easy Admin Control

Manage user groups, subscriptions, and OpenAI models with CopyOcean's powerful admin panel, for seamless and scalable content creation.

How it works

With CopyOcean's intuitive interface and powerful AI capabilities, you can easily create engaging and unique content in just a few simple steps.


Sign up for an account on CopyOcean's website and complete the registration process. Choose the subscription plan that suits your needs, and gain access to the powerful features of the platform.


Select from the range of content creation tools available on CopyOcean, including text generation, image generation and speech to text transcription. Choose the tool that fits your needs and objectives.


Customize your content using predefined templates or input your own instructions. Tailor the content to your desired tone, style, and language. Click the "Generate" button to let the system work their magic.

CopyOcean for Everyone

  • Content Creators: Unlock your creativity with AI-generated content and visually appealing images to produce engaging blog posts, social media posts, and marketing materials in less time.
  • Writers and Journalists: Overcome writer's block and generate unique content ideas with AI, improving your writing productivity and producing high-quality content for articles, reports, and publications.
  • Agencies: Utilize CopyOcean's powerful admin panel to manage user groups, subscription plans, and access to OpenAI models, making it a seamless and scalable solution for content creation needs for your agency and clients.

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$0 / month

  • 32 AI Document Templates
  • 10,000 Words per month
  • 100 Images per month
  • 0 Characters for Text to Speech per month
  • 0 Speech to Text per month
  • 0 MB Audio file size limit
  • AI Chat
  • Free Support

$99 / month

  • Unlimited AI Document Templates
  • 100,000 Words per month
  • 1000 Images per month
  • Unlimited Characters for Text to Speech per month
  • Unlimited Speech to Text per month
  • 40 MB Audio file size limit
  • AI Chat
  • Free Support

Frequently Asked Questions

CopyOcean is an AI-powered content creation platform that uses OpenAI technology to generate text, images, and code snippets, empowering writers, designers, developers, and agencies to create engaging and unique content with ease.

CopyOcean leverages OpenAI's state-of-the-art models to generate content based on predefined templates or custom descriptions. Users can input text prompts, descriptions, or other inputs to generate content in multiple languages, transcribe audio, and create royalty-free images using DALL-E and Stable Diffusion models.

CopyOcean allows you to generate various types of content, including text for articles, blogs, social media posts, product descriptions, and more. You can also create images based on descriptions, transcribe audio or video files, and generate code snippets in different programming languages.

Yes, CopyOcean generates unique content based on the input provided by the users. However, it's important to review and edit the generated content to ensure it aligns with your specific requirements and brand voice.
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